Hand Tailoring (Price In Addition to Base Suit Price)

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Hand Tailoring (Price In Addition to Base Suit Price)


The ultimate in suiting refinement - the hand tailored garment option. This is really the Crème de la Crème of suiting and involves both finishes and construction of the suit by the skilful hands of our tailors. 

It is not simply a "hand finish", there are multiple elements in the construction of the garment also done by hand. This requires significantly more time, but there is just something unmistakable and timeless about a hand tailored garment - it is simply in a sartorial class of its own.

Features include:

  • Made made button holes: Here the front and lapel button holes of the jacket and pants are created beautifully by hand. Only by hand can buttonholes be made as neat as ours. It is an incredibly fine finish, instantly recognisable over brute machine made button holes on "off-the-peg" garments. 
  • Buttons attached by hand: Our tailors will attach each button of the suit by hand, with the same "chicken-foot" stitch with high shank as our shirts, being very unique yet durable. 
  • Outer Pick Stitch by hand: Each individual pick stitch on the lapel, down the arms, and around the shoulder is stitched by hands.
  • Inner Pick Stitch by hand: The pick stitches on the inside of the garment are also done by hand, with each stitch uniquely positioned.
  • Labels attached by hand: Offers a neater finish on the inside of the jacket.
  • Hand sewn sleeve lining
  • Hand attached collars
  • Hand attached sleeves

The option is available for both the House Collection and Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics, at a cost of $175 more on top of the relevant Custom Suiting option. 

For example a VBC Grade 1 Fabric, in a Full Canvas with Hand Tailoring would be $825 (base price) + $175 (fabric) + $225 (full canvas) + $175 (hand tailoring) = $1,400


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