Semi Canvassed (Base Suit Price)

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Semi Canvassed (Base Suit Price)


The slightly more economic offering is our Semi-Canvassed Suiting.  You still get the same benefit of a canvas through the chest piece, which provides the garment shape in the most important area, with the bottom half able to be fused. This provides a great "best of both worlds" solution, by keeping the canvas where shape is most needed, but reducing the amount of time and cost where it is less required on the bottom half of the jacket.

Also included are the standard custom suiting offerings:

  • Custom measurements and your unique "model pattern"
  • Your choice of wool fabrics and luxurious linings including bemberg cupro
  • Custom pick stitching inside and outside of jacket
  • Your desired suit style - lapels, buttons, pocketing etc
  • Your choice of shoulder types and paddings
  • Monogramming in your choice of thread collar
  • Your customised pant styles - side straps, pleats, cuffs etc
  • Labels stitched by hand for a touch of refinement.
  • Working Button "Surgeon's Cuffs".

Options for Floating Canvas are A$225 more, and for Hand Tailoring A$175 more again.

We feel this is exception value being able to offer such quality suiting at some very attractive opening prices that are yet highly refined.  Being able to offer suits are such starting prices is a reflection of our slim business model.


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