I appreciate that this "Virtual Tailoring" concept is different to most things on the market so allow me to address some FAQ on this:

1. What exactly is involved in this "Virtual Tailoring" concept?

All this means is that we will make an appointment at a mutually convenient time where we will use an online chat tool like Skype, Facetime or Google Talk where we will be able to "meet in person".  This will allow me to chat you about your sartorial needs, and I can visually show you the options you have. This includes lapels, buttons, pocketing, pick stitching and of course fabrics.

Secondly, through the visual camera and chat, I'll walk you through each measurement. E.g. for a measure of the chest, I'll show you where to position the tape, and the allowance of how tight the tape should be. You can see how I measure and you can follow me for each step.  I'll need to be able to see you as well so I can ensure it's being done correctly.

2. What do I need with me in a virtual tailoring session?

For the chat you'll obviously need a decent internet connection, and a laptop or tablet with a camera on top (laptop is better because you can adjust the angle).  Some place quiet is recommended, a desk/table and a chair is good too.  In terms of items you'll need:

- Tape measure: the one pictured is strongly recommended as it allows the easiest way for measurements to take place. These can be easily purchased on ebay for around US$5, just purchase this from a local retailer. Or you can purchase from this ebay seller and they can deliver it you in around 1-2 weeks from the UK.

- 2 Pins: Just your basic clothing pin or a safety pin. This is  will be pinned into your shoulder point to help with the measurement.

- A Tie: Just any tie will do, we will use this to set a mark around your waist.

It's good to be wearing just a shirt or T-shirt, and have a pair of good fitting trousers on with a spare pair of trousers near by. You can be completely by yourself and you don't need any helper with you.

3. But what happens if I'm not happy with the product?

I understand your concern, and the risk with any purchase especially online. 

(i) Let's have a look: The first thing I'd do is set up another chat session where we can critique the fit of the garment. Any issues (hopefully there won't be any) I can actually see through the camera and have a live conversation about any improvements your seeking. From there we will be able the assess the best course of action, either the garment is sent back to me for alterations if something major, or better to have it fixed by your local tailor.

(ii)  Backed by Guarantee: Different online MTM sites have different policies, but ultimately I stand behind my garments and work. This means I do offer a money back guarantee if we are not able to fix the problem. I have yet to encounter this situation, but this is a just in case.  I will also re-make the garment if it is beyond the realms of alterations, but again that is rare.

(iii) Tailor for Life:  This is my motto no matter for my in person clients or virtual tailors. I'm not a volume business, and rely on repeat business

Payments via Paypal can also be accommodated, so you can

4. How long will the session take?

The session time can vary depending on how much detail you'd like to go into, I would suggest something like 30-60min as an estimate.

5. But really how good will the measurements be and how accurate can you get them?

(i) Compared to normal online MTM, virtual tailoring is better:  Traditional online tailoring MTM sites need you to enter your own measurements or have any tailor/alteration person do them. This is a very difficult as tailoring is very precise and how someone holds a tape could materially impact the finished garment.  Secondly there are some measurements like sleeve length where its virtually impossible to accurately measure it yourself. For this one, I'll have you hold the tape at your shoulder, and I'll actually read your measurement through the camera.

(ii) By seeing and talking to you over Skype, lots can be accomplished:  The thing with tailoring is that its much more than just a physical set of measurements. What typical online MTM sites can't do is judge how your like your garment's fitted. Everyone's definition of a "slim" or "classic" fit is different, ultimately it is a judgement call that should be led by the tailor.  By seeing you and have a conversation I am able to help make that decision.

Also by seeing your body shape, I'm able to suggests slight tweaks to improve the fit. E.g. for slighter shorter men/women, we may look at also cutting  a slightly shorter jacket

(iii) I can compare your measurements to my database: With an expansive database of customers with a variety of sizes, shapes and individual uniqueness, I am able to "sense check" your measurements. By seeing you in the camera and knowing your basic height/weight, I can compare that to my database of clients to get a rough idea if we are in the ball park or not. 

6. What happens if I'd like to order more, do I need to measure again? 

This is the great thing about partnering with a tailor for your suiting/shirting needs is that once your "model pattern" is established, ordering is really simple. All your measurements (with any subsequent alteration updates) are stored for life. If your shape changes in the future then your file can be updated.  What you need to consider is simply what kind of fabrics you want, and styles as you diversify your wardrobe.

7. What kind of alterations can you do if needed?

Things like taking in the waist on trousers, taking up the leg and narrowing the waist on shirts and jackets can be fairly easily done by your local alterations person. Things that might be a bit more complicated where you could send back the item includes sleeve take up and let downs and alterations involving the shoulder (such as taking in).  In general principle I can take in garments, but with physical limitations it is more difficult to let out. However there is usually 1.5cm in the pants leg/jacket waist that can be let out, and 7cm on the length to let down.

8. How will you send my garments?

I will send the garments via a fully tracked service via Australia Post. You will be provided with tracking details so you can track your parcel, with delivery time around 7-14 days depending on your location.  It will be packed in a secure box/package, and given enough room that after hanging for a day, maybe  a gentle steaming it should be ready for you try on.

9. Can you give me a step by step guide of the Online Virtual MTM Ordering Process?

The steps to my Online Tailoring Service are as follows:

(i) Send me an email that you'd like to make an appointment or have a chat about your commission

(ii) We'll go through our online chat and do the measurements, pick your fabrics and tailoring choices of lapels, collars, craftsmanship etc.  You then make the full payment via my website or Paypal.

(iii) I will then get busy and have the cutting of your garment started. I will send you an email once this occurs.

(iv) Your garment will be sent back to me, and I will personally steam and press it, checking the garment on the way through (3 - 4 weeks)

(v) I will send the garment to you via a Tracked service from Australia Post (1-2 weeks)

(vi) You will then try the garment on, and we can catch up again on chat and we check the fit (approx 5-7 weeks from initial order). If your happy with the garment then your done! If there's any alterations required we'll discuss whether its easier to have them done by your local alteration person, or if it needs to be sent back if more serious.

10. I'd like to see some reviews of your work.

Sure, I have some reviews from our clients on my Facebook page, feel free to check them out!