International/Interstate Orders (ONLINE MTM)


Yes we can do international orders. There are two options for international/interstate orders available:

1. Have your measurements taken over Skype/FaceTime ("VIRTUAL TAILOR"):

It's difficult to measure yourself properly and that's really the problem with online MTM suits/shirts. Over a FaceTime/Skype session I will guide you through how the take the measurements yourself and discuss with you how you like your garments fitted. By seeing your body through online camera I can also judge your shoulder slope and body features: again this is to ensure an exceptionally fitting garment.

From there I will  be able to show you my range of fabrics, discuss your styling options and my craftsmanship - exactly the same way as the clients I see in person.

The body measurement is made pretty simple and streamline by me guiding you through it step by step. Taking measurements for normal online tailoring by yourself is risky and very difficult to get right. By "seeing" you, I will be there to check every measurement and bring an experience as close as the real thing.

2. Send us your best fitting suit/shirts:

If you have a suit/shirt which you are happy with, I can remake existing garments exactly as per those measurement. All you need to do is send the garment in (with tracking) and I will measure up that garment and remake based on the same measurements.  This is a great way to build on a garment that your already happy with. Beats an overseas trip everytime you need some tailoring done!

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How do I know I will get a good fit?

The philosophy behind my international orders is the same as that for clients I see in person. I am keen to establish your model pattern that you are happy with, as that's the only way future orders can be facilitated.  This then makes future orders very easy for international customers, and is part of my "tailor for life" philosophy. So if your garments require any type of alteration you can:
- Send back to item with tracking and I can make the necessary alterations.  Just send a photo of your receipt and I will reimburse you the shipping cost.
- If it's more economical for you to have the garment altered locally, then again I will cover the cost of the alterations.

It's a higher level of service compared to normal online MTM as I want the garment to fit extremely well and for you to be happy with your garment/pattern.

Ultimately if you aren't completely satisfied with your order, and we  can't find a solution, then you'll be covered by my money back guarantee.



The prices of my suiting, shirting and overcoats are the same as local order as per Australian Dollar Prices section of my website (converted to your local currency - excluding any relevant taxes). Shipping on orders is based on a flat rate of A$75.  Timing for suits/shirts is approximately 6 weeks including the additional delivery time.

Also fabric swatches are available for my suiting/shirting on request.


Should you have some questions, please see my FAQ written specifically for International Orders and Online MTM.


If you'd like to make an appointment for a virtual tailoring session, or to discuss your sartorial requirements, please don't hesitate to email me. I am available to chat over Skype/Facetime at different times even if we are in different time zones.

Also fabric swatches are available for my suiting/shirting on request.

The philosophy behind my virtual online tailoring is a very intimate experience, similar to having a tailor in your home.  It's a different approach compared to other online MTM suit/shirt companies - I actually want to talk and get to know each client, even if you are in the far flung reaches of Alaska!